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Bills and statements remain an essential channel for organizations to engage with their clients. Unfortunately, many organizations put minimal effort into optimizing bills and statements. Considering that these documents to simply be a utility to drive collections or satisfy a compliance requirement.

For a moment, consider that 97% of clients who receive monthly statements spend an average of 2 to 5 minutes reviewing them each month. This means that statements provide a critical opportunity for your organization to deepen this valuable relationship, improve the client experience, and increase revenue by adding relatable, relevant variable content and offers.

Wolverine provides a “single source” for printing and mailing of all types of financial statements including nationwide healthcare, telecommunication, merchant statements and collection notices. Our comprehensive approach includes postal address cleansing, national change of address, digital color print, statement design services, integrated postal presorting and delivery.

Wolverine improves physical print/mail delivery success by both optimizing postal addresses in advance of mailing, and by automating the time-consuming skip tracing process to eliminate 100% of return mail handling. Wolverine customers never touch return mail. Instead, newly identified addresses are automatically re-mailed, while unidentifiable accounts are automatically forwarded to revenue recovery partners.

Wolverine offers self-service payment portals which empowers payers to view their statement and manage their account 24/7. System users receive email updates, linking them to a secure section of their provider’s existing website where they can view and manage their accounts and make secure payments online.

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