Our Process

A proven business process is critical when developing a marketing communications program. Not only does it form the lifeline of a partnership, it helps to streamline individual activities, and ensures all resources are put to optimal use.

Wolverine’s proven business process is highlighted by a series of pre-defined steps performed in coordination with our client, to achieve a concrete goal. Each step denotes tasks that are assigned to an individual. Clearly defining these roles and responsibilities are the key to meeting timelines and maintaining open and clear communication.

To make certain every program is launched successfully, an Account Manager with highly relevant experience in your vertical is assigned to facilitating the on-boarding process. This individual acts as the liaison between our client, and all the operational departments involved. This process has allowed us to successfully onboard programs in a variety of verticals, sizes, levels of complexity.


The discovery phase of our process may well be the most crucial step. During the discovery stage, we work together with our clients to gather information that will set the tone for our entire relationship. Since we understand that each client is completely unique, it is important to understand your challenges, goals, and future vision. Time invested in this step has proven to eliminate delays as a program is implemented.


Based on the primary objective of the program, a detailed project plan is created. This plan provides technical and traditional elements that will allow for all objectives of the program to be met. Our team will also present options for leveraging additional channels or technologies to create a strategy that includes the most effective ways to inform your target audience – so they will act.


At this stage, the rubber meets the road. Wolverine offers a holistic solution that synchronizes technology with operation, to offer unprecedented implementation and speed to market delivery. Our keys to success are streamlined processes, appropriate controls, and a constant reinvestment in people and equipment.


Our collaborative team of subject matter experts interpret the data collected from your program to identify how we can continue to optimize and grow your marketing effectiveness. Analytical results are shared on an on-going basis through regular touchpoint discussions and scheduled quarterly business reviews.