About Us

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Great core values, customer-centric, leader in print technology . . .

What makes Wolverine Solutions Group unique?

It’s our people, our process, and a product offering that tailors to the specific needs of any organization that reaches their target market through business-critical communications.


As with any successful partnership, it is critical to fully understand the company you are aligning with. Do you share the same values? Does your partner have a future vision that supports the direction your organization is heading? As has always been the case, we are proud of who we are and openly share the things that are most important to us. At the heart is our core values – the fundamentals we base every daily decision upon.

We firmly believe there are three unique things that set us apart from our national competition. First, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve unparalleled speed to market. This allows your communications to reach their target more rapidly then ever before. Next, no matter how much we grow, Wolverine commits to retaining scalability to support our diverse client base. This means we can easily shift from communicating with hundreds to communicating to millions. Finally, our vision is based on a conversion mindset. Regardless of the industry your organization aligns with, we focus on ways to identify your target audience and successfully convert them.


Collaborate on present and future goals while identifying specific, tangible, and measurable plans to achieve your business objectives


Primary project plan is created, including all deliverables, timelines, options for delivery and a finalized budget.


Program plan is executing with a relentless focus on world class service, flawless quality and committed delivery schedule.


Our collaborative team of subject matter experts interpret the data collected from your program to identify how we can continue to optimize and grow your marketing effectiveness.

Our Core Values


We maintain accountability within our structure. Each team member is expected to deliver what they promise and on time. We are efficient and effective at our jobs. It is everyone’s objective to ensure costs are in line. Always keeping in mind Wolverine Solutions Group core focus/purpose. “Support Customer’s strategic growth through business-critical communications.”


It is the responsibility of every team member to resolve daily issues. We work independently as needed, and as a team to provide remarkable solutions. We think openly about new possibilities and technology. Without compromise, we act promptly to resolve or report rule violations or threats to workplace safety and security.


We tell the truth and are honest about our shortcomings with full transparency. We do not misrepresent matters for personal gain, and we talk openly about issues in a respectful, business manner – always accepting criticism that will help us grow as individuals and as a team.


We go out of our way to welcome new team members and partners. We appreciate change and readily accept the challenges of unfamiliar tasks or requests. Our common goal is to integrate changes smoothly, to prevent any disruptions that will affect workflow. As an organization, we instill a mindset of growth and development, and build are team with individuals that strive to be part of these opportunities.