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Wolverine has the ability to enhance your Direct Mail campaigns with the raw power of Google and Facebook retargeting. Our solution – Trosi, will drive an increased return on investment for traditional Direct Mail campaigns. Rather than solely relying on traditional channels, which we all know work, Trosi tracks your mail, incorporates Informed Delivery, tracks and records phone responses, tracks online responses and automatically follows up with online leads. Each of these aspects are essential to the maximum the success of a campaign. Trosi is also the answer to providing true analytical results to you outreach. With a dedicated web portal, you will have access to current and historical campaign data. Engage us today to learn more about adding the power of Trosi to your next Direct Mail campaign.

Wolverine Solutions Group specializes in list management efforts, which include:

Informed Delivery ®

With Informed Delivery® integration, your marketing pieces will be enhanced with a clickable full color ad within the greyscale email preview sent by the USPS every morning. Your will also be able to track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened geographically!

Call Tracking

The call tracking feature of Trosi tracks exactly how many calls you have received from each campaign and allows you to listen to recordings of the phone calls to ensure the sales process is running smoothly. Calls are directed to your business phone but recorded and tracked through call tracking software.

Mail Tracking

The mail tracking feature of Trosi allows you to predict the date of mail delivery, as well as the actual delivery dates. This allows you the ability to line up additional resources as needed.

Online Follow-Up

With Trosi, you get the added benefit of our partnership with the Google network. When prospects receive their mail piece and visit your website, but do not take action like filling out a web form or purchasing online, they are captured through our online follow-up system. Then when the prospect leaves your website and browses elsewhere, your ads show up directing them back to the website. Ads are shown through the Google network on over a million websites, including CNN.com and Dictionary.com

Social Media Follow-up

Trosi allows your organization to go social! Take your online follow up even further with our addition of social media follow up through Facebook! Keep your organization in front of your prospects everywhere they go! Facebook has just reached its record high 1.65 billion monthly active users and this number is climbing every day. This new Social Media Follow-Up feature ensures that you truly achieve maximum exposure to those people interested in your product or service.


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