Wolverine operates a computer-based inventory management system for all shipping, receiving and materials handling. Items are on a locator system for quick, accurate retrieval and storage. Allocations and deduction are made in real-time.

Inventory items are established with reorder warning points to ensure that quantities do not drop below the level required to continue scheduled processing. Wolverine provides caged and locked security areas for the fulfillment of premium items and printing of negotiable documents.

Unique features of the system include:

  • Item Location Maintenance
  • Item Replenishment Processing
  • On-Line Inventory Inquiry
  • On-Demand/Periodic Inventory Reporting
  • Complete Ad-Hoc Reporting Capabilities
  • Flexible Bills of Materials with date/effect/activation

All clients are offered access to real-time inventory and printed reports that can be reviewed from any web browser.

Wolverine offers many options for the distribution of material, including:

  • Local courier services with our sister company Mail Delivery Service. Options include post office box maintenance, routed deliveries, inter-office deliveries, and rush transportation.
  • National transportation options are available through our affiliate partners, allowing for maximized postal discounts through drop shipment and co-palletization programs.
  • Volume discounts utilizing all service levels of national carriers including UPS and FedEx.
  • Canadian and International postal solutions

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