Data Services

Effective database marketing is typically dependent upon a variety of strategic and customized data processing steps. The accuracy of these processes is critical to maximizing the success of your program and minimizing wasted cost.

If your database isn’t “clean,” you’re wasting marketing dollars. People move. Executives change jobs. In fact, the accuracy of most lists typically decreases 2%per month. This translates into wasted marketing dollars.

Wolverine Solutions Group specializes in list management efforts, which include:

  • List Hygiene – critical to direct marketing success. The data cleansing process can include zip correction, postal presort, bar coding, geo-coding, and custom reports. In addition to CASS Certification, we offer upper lower casing, gender coding, and personalization.
  • Merge Purge – When working with multiple list files, our merge purge application identifies and removes duplicate records and/or suppresses existing customers from prospect mailings.
  • National Change of Address – NCOA is provided to keep in touch with your customers and prospects on the move, and is required to receive automation discounts on postage.
  • List Enhancement – Matching your customer file to third-party data sources is a great way to improve your customer data and facilitate demographic analysis. Consumer and business data is readily available from third-party providers.

Once your database is established, response rates depend on reaching the right person at the right time, through the right marketing channel. Wolverine offers complete cross-media communication services from complex variable print to electronic delivery. Our ability to architect custom communication programs for any size organization is key to our success.

Offering include:

  • Database creation and management
  • Consumer, business and resident lists
  • Data appending
  • Complex variable composition
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS text messaging
  • Personalized URL’s
  • Intelligent Mail Tracking

Contact us today to find out how Wolverine can assist your organization.

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