e-Commerce Solutions

Wolverine’s web-based storefront solutions provide printers, marketers, and corporations with a distributes workforce with an easy, flexible and scalable solution for creating personalized/customized documents online. You can easily configure Wolverine’s storefronts to automate many critical steps in the Web-to-Print workflow and eliminate bottlenecks in the traditional print ordering process.

Storefront solution highlights:

  • Individual budgets
  • Approval workflows
  • Quantity restrictions
  • Corporate identity maintenance

Wolverine’s Storefront solutions can be customized to suit any workflow. Your online store can display a catalog of documents, premium items and literature, which users can edit through any web browser. They work through the proofing and approval process on their own and submit final documents with quantities and finishing options as a completed print order.

Users work through an easy-to-navigate, self-service shopping experience.  Since it is a hosted application, you control how it works and who has access to it. We can develop any number of unique, branded online stores; each offering different products and pricing structures controlled by users account settings.

On a daily basis, we prepare, package, and distributed high volumes of kits through our Fufillment Center.  Our associates are experienced in preparing various types of kits from point of sale material, proxy kits, technical service packages, consumer products and corporate literature.

Fulfillment solution highlights:

  • Online Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Kit Assembly
  • Storefront Design
  • Web Services / Integrations
  • Store Profile Distributions
  • Web-Based Reports & Dashboards
  • Real-time data access on orders, products, user activity and more.

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