Automated Presort

In 1991 Wolverine Automated Mailing Services (WAMS) was formed. WAMS is an advanced operation that offers high speed automation as an option to your program. Bar coding your mail piece equates to valuable postage discounts and expedited delivery. We apply barcodes utilizing MLOCR (Multi Line Optical Character Reader) technology which allows your mailing to be combined with hundreds of thousands of daily mail pieces as part of our USPS approved Combined Mailing Agreement. This “comingling” maximizes your postal savings and speeds up your mail process.

                                                                                                                                                    WAMS is truly state-of-the-art in the service of presort. Our commitment has always been to exceed USPS requirements and our customers’ expectations. We use the most advance technology available to the presort industry, utilizing the following equipment:

  • 2 Siemens MLOCR’s each of which are equipped with the SSP+ OCR technology to maximize readability
  • 1 DBCS (Delivery Bar Code Sorter)
  • 1 Bell & Howell MLOCR with Parascript for enhanced hand written recognition.
  • 1 NPI V-Sort Flat Sorting MLOCR System
  • 1 Eii EZ-Flats First Class Manifesting System


Each of our MLOCR’s are also equipped with Seimen’s UMove®. This system is updated weekly to meet USPS Move Update requirements for mailing pieces at discounted postage rates. Our letter sorting machines are equipped with 109-246 sorting bins to maximize sorting to the finest levels and generating greater discounts and expedited delivery. WAMS is “Gold Certified” under the USPS PostalOne!® transportation system which minimizes handling and expedites delivery while keeping cost down.


Wolverine is proud to have been awarded the following USPS certifications/authorizations:

  • Full Service Mailer (1st Full Service Mailer in Michigan)
  • Optional Procedures Acceptance agreement
  • Seamless Acceptance approved
  • Mail Anywhere approved (allows us to deposit client mailings to any USPS site nationwide without having to open a new permit account).
  • Certified for Co-Palletization of Standard Mail Letters
  • Certified for Comingle/Co-Palletization of Standard Mail Letters – National Beta Site for this Process
  • Manifest Mail Agreements for MLOCR and List Mailings

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