Financial Services

The Challenge:

A large financial institution, with multiple Business Centers, produces several hundred Deficiency and Repossession letters every day. These letters were being printed on desktop printers using customer service associates to manually print, fold and insert the notices into envelopes. This inefficient and manual process kept employees from doing their primary job function, often creating a delay in mailing, increased postage expense and exposure to handling errors. There was no data capture or daily reporting and returned mail was not handled effectively. All of which cost time and money.

The Solution:

Wolverine Solutions Group assessed the situation to develop a streamlined efficient solution. An automated process was developed so Deficiency and Repossession letters were batched together into a single daily run. The Wolverine Solutions Group Print Center receives daily file output from our client and prints all critical documents on our high production Xerox & Oce’ print engines. Our large volume inserting equipment provides selective inserting for multiple components and our sophisticated camera technology deciphers an identifying barcode for correct matching. By capturing the data we also provide a constant cross check and quality control. Wolverine’s Automated Mail Process, along with our advanced sorting technology allows our client the opportunity to receive large postal discounts and expedited delivery. Utilizing our document services we generate a daily manifest report giving the client a complete mail report and paper trail. In addition, if mail is returned as “Not deliverable” Wolverine immediately directs it to the correct customer so all mail was accounted for.

The Results:
Our services replaced a manual, labor intensive and inefficient process with a complete end-to-end print and mail solution. Cost savings were realized from the automated processes, resource efficiencies, reduction of errors and quick turnaround of letters having a “not valid” address. This meant more recipients received letters and received them quicker, increasing turnaround for overdue payments and repossession processing. Postal savings were a significant cost benefit and skilled employees were given the opportunity to re-focus on their core job function of providing quality customer service, a valued position to the client.

Yearly Postage Savings: $75,000.00
Yearly Resource Allocation Savings: $450,000.00

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