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  • Use Design Thinking to Solve Your Toughest Marketing Challenges January 18, 2018
    Modern day marketing is a realm overflowing with data and tests aimed at shedding light on your customers' true desires. Yet marketing teams still tend to prioritize gut instincts over insights. When faced with a big challenge or new initiative, we often rely on past experiences and existing knowledge to determine future actions.
  • Here Are the Top Marketing Design Trends for 2018 [Infographic] January 17, 2018
    Shutterstock — a familiar name to many creative professionals — released its 2018 Creative Trends Report today, shedding light on the design trends marketers need to know about this year.
  • YouTube Just Made It Harder to Monetize Videos: Here’s Why January 17, 2018
    YouTube announced yesterday that it has modified the eligibility requirements for its Partner Program (YPP), which will change the ways and ability Creators can monetize their content on the platform.
  • 5 Creative Strategies to Stay Inspired to Write All Year [Infographic] January 17, 2018
    If there's one thing we know about inspiration, it's that it's not very good at giving advance notice of anything.
  • How to Write Copy People Notice, Read, and Trust: Lessons from "The World’s Best Copywriter" January 16, 2018
    The phone rang a couple times before he picked up.
  • 15 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018 January 15, 2018
    What Are Current Website Trends? Bold Typography Cinemagraphs Brutalism Saturated Gradients Vivid Layers of Color Text-Only Illustration Ultra-Minimalism Duotone Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text Geometric Shapes and Patterns Serif Fonts Overlapping Text and Images Organic Shapes Hand-Drawn Fonts The landscape of web design is constantly evolving. Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can appear […]
  • Facebook's News Feed Will Once Again Focus on Friends and Family January 12, 2018
    Facebook announced yesterday that it will be overhauling its News Feed that will once again shift the type of content users see first, and most often.
  • What to Do When Your Content Falls Flat: 6 Ways to Recover January 12, 2018
    Research shows that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, yet produces 3X as many leads. Because the rewards for executing effective content marketing are so high, it’s no surprise that in a 2016 study, it was found that 70% of B2B marketers were planning to create more content in 2017. 
  • Here's What It's Really Like to Ride in a Self-Driving Car January 11, 2018
    Remember that exciting self-driving car news we broke yesterday? AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah — largely known for its roadside assistance services — has partnered with Torc Robotics to develop safety criteria for self-driving cars. It all started when AAA launched its autonomous vehicle shuttle in Las Vegas back in November — which reportedly got […]
  • Is This The End of Email Marketing? How to Survive the GDPR Regulations [Video] January 11, 2018
    Disclaimer: This video is not legal advice for your company to use in complying with EU data privacy laws like the GDPR. Instead, it provides background information to help you better understand the GDPR. This legal information is not the same as legal advice, where an attorney applies the law to your specific circumstances, so we […]