e-Delivery Solutions

As our culture has evolved through accessibilty provided by the internet, expectations to have information at our fingertips has also increased. To satisfy this need, Wolverine Solutions Group provides a suite of e-delivery solutions tailored to our clients needs. From web-based document repositories to electronic bill payment and presentment portals, we assist our clients with providing complete solutions for both traditional and electronic delivery.

Solutions include:

  • Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment
  • Secure Web Portals
  • Document Repositories
  • Online Data Warehouses
  • Electronic Storefronts
  • Virtual Fulfillment
  • SMS Messaging
  • QR codes
  • Personalized URL’s
  • Broadcast email
  • Cross Media Communications

Delivery methods can act as stand alone communication channels or be part of a fully integrated multi-channel marketing campaign that leverage traditional and e-delivery methods over a pre-determined life cycle.

Contact us today to find out how e-delivery can improve the way you communicate with your clients.

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